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Hail & Welcome! I am DEWnada [D.E.Wächter]. Below you will find site links to my current ministry projects. I welcome ministry collaborators & can be contacted by email/Apple Messenger/Skype at or by text at +1-347-919-6453. (I rarely check my email but & are my primary email accounts.)

I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice, to the True Name, O my True Guru.

What Praises can I offer to You? What service can I do for You? I have only one mouth and tongue; with my palms pressed together, I chant to You with joy and delight.

In thought, word and deed, I know the Lord; I do not worship any other. The Guru has enshrined the most excellent Name of the Infinite Lord within my heart.

So speaks NALL the poet: touching the Philosopher’s Stone, glass is transformed into gold, and the sandalwood tree imparts its fragrance to other trees; meditating in remembrance on the Lord, I am transformed.

[Sundar Gutka › Baani]

Link to Naming Animal Saints page & updates are added here

Sadly, many of the non-human fellow creatures who appear in religious narratives & iconography have never been given personal names. Inspired by the work of Thomas Berry & Brian Swimme, who gave personal names to the animals which were the first of their kind in the evolutionary chain, & seeking to promote the kin-dom of Godd I am suggestinf names for the unnamed holy beings which appear in the world’s religious traditions.

Link to Transodox Transfiguration

An examination of the correlations between the characters in the New Testament accounts of the Transfiguration, their depiction in iconography, and their alignment with the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life

Link to NIGER-REGIN Square

Contemplations on the NIGER-REGIN word square of Gubbio Italy as a theophoric mandala to the Black Madonna

Link to Psalm 99:5 Analysis



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“Spare me dealings with anyone who is absolutely certain, especially about religious matters”! — Edward F. Edinger

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